LG G2 (Galluscam or Chickencam) and The Poolhole commercial

October 3, 2013 Posted by Marco Schutte

After a long silence this year, I started doing a few things at the end of August. I did two commercials as an extra. The first commercial was for The Poolhole, an Amsterdam based poolbar, for local TV station AT5. As you may have guessed, I had to play pool. Beside that I also had to play some Risk.

You can watch the commercial for The Poolhole >here<

A week after the shoot for The Poolhole, I had a shoot for a new LG smartphone. I had to be a rocker at a rockconcert. During this rock concert the main character held a chicken, with a very small camera on it’s head, up, to film the concert. The purpose of this was to show that the new LG G2 smartphone uses the same kind of technique to keep the camera steady, just like the way a chicken keeps it’s head steady.

You can watch the embedded video below:


Update: July 23rd 2013

July 23, 2013 Posted by Marco Schutte

Another update as to what I’ve done lately, albeit not much…

In February was my last time as an extra, this project is still a secret until it gets released. I needed to eat a really big, super-sized bacon burger with lots of juicy sauce and meat. After this project I haven’t done anything special until June/July.

In the meantime I acquired an Canon EOS 650D camera, and made some very ridiculous videos for YouTube. These videos are ridiculous because I haven’t got the inspiration, actors and skills (both with acting and editing/effects).

Then, in June I had rehearsals for the theater play “Versla” by Erwin Boschmans. This play is about the good and the bad sides of being addicted to sweets, candy and chocolate. With a few references to other addictions. I had to perform in this play at Festival 5D in Amsterdam in the weekend of 13 and 14 July. The video isn’t up yet, but I will inform you when it is.


Update: January 25th, 2013

January 25, 2013 Posted by Marco Schutte

For all of you, maybe a bit late, but anyhow, I want to wish you all a happy new year. I’ve turned 22 myself, and started the year with a bang, as usual.

Now, I wanted to give an update on my latest projects, as it has been a while.

On the 5th of September, right in between the rehearsals for the play “Mens” (video shown in previous post), I was an extra in an upcoming Bollywood film called “Queen” (or maybe “Rani”?). I barely know anything about this film, except the fact that I had to play a party go-er in Paradiso Amsterdam.

Early October I was an extra as a ‘person shopping in an electronics store’ for a commercial of the electronics store Saturn. I still haven’t seen the commercial, but I can already guess that I, because I was way in the back, am not clearly visible.

Near the end of November I was called by someone from the crew of “Party Kidz” to be a ‘hooligan attacking someone’, because their first choice couldn’t make it for the shoot. That was quite the surprise. And it was also very different than ‘just being an extra’. This time there was an actual choreography to be learned, though not very advanced. The shoot took place around the EYE Museum in Amsterdam, at the other side of the IJ, which is the body of water behind Amsterdam Central Station. The shoot was during the nightly hours, from around 1 o’ clock in the night until somewhat 8 in the morning. It was very cold, and quite misty, too. I believe that the mist in the background, across the river, could make for an impressive look in the final result of the movie. We will see. “Party Kidz” is made as an educational mockumentary about the dangers of HIV infection amongst youth.

In the middle of December I was an extra as a ‘mechanic’ in a new hospital show called “Charlie” for Dutch television. This is about a nurse called Charlie who lives a double life. The first one is her professional and responsible day job-self, and the second life she has is that of a junkie who desperately needs her fix. She tries to balance her two lives…

And just recently I’ve been an extra as a football supporter in a new Dutch television show called “Danni Lowinski”. I believe it originated from Germany, where it already has two successful seasons, and the Belgian/Flemish adaptation is quite successful, too. Which has just been finished shooting, and will premiere in March 2013 on Belgian television. I’m still not sure as to when the Dutch version of Danni Lowinski will air. It’s about a woman called Danni Lowinski who finished her study to be a lawyer, but cannot find a job. She decides to place a stand in the mall and starts her own lawyer business.


‘Mens’ a play by Henk Zwart @ Festival 5D Amsterdam

October 28, 2012 Posted by Marco Schutte

A little over a month ago I took part in a theater play at the 5D Festival in Amsterdam.

The play was about ‘De Mens’ (The Human). It was full of randomness, totally improvised and thought out in the rehearsals; which all took place within a timespan of three weeks.

In this play actors with and without a handicap play together. Physically and poetic, sometimes distressing, bizarre or raw, but always with humour, a picture of the human is given.

It was a great experience and very fun to do.

Now I can share with you, the play that I did last month:


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